About us

Since 2007, Bracken Trading has provided a range of short-term property financing to professional property developers across the UK. We also lend to companies constructing energy generating assets, such as solar parks and reserve power plants, as well as owning and operating two solar parks.

Short-term property financing

Bracken operates a large-scale short and medium term lending business. Most of its loans are in the property sector to property developers, typically those based in London and the South of England, buy-to-let landlords, and property professionals to meet their funding needs. This includes bridge financing, where borrowers take out a short-term loan pending the arrangement of a longer term loan, as well as development loans to build residential property.

Renewable energy

Funding the construction of alternative energy sites: We provide finance for businesses who are seeking specialist financing to construct alternative energy generating assets. These are typically solar parks and reserve power plants. These types of loans are usually provided in phases as a project progresses and the borrower meets pre-agreed milestones. These types of loans are often secured against the borrowing business itself and the property it is helping to build, typically a ‘first ranking’ charge.   Owning and operating solar parks: We own and operate two large commercial solar parks, which generate power that we sell directly to consumers or to the national grid, making a profit from selling the energy that they produce, as well as from the long-term government incentives they receive under the Renewable Obligation Certificate programme.

Board of Directors